Thursday, February 7, 2013

Results are in!

After 30 days of probably the hardest training program I have ever done in my LIFE I got my results tonight. Let's just say at first I was like dang it I didn't hit my goal then I compared my results in the car after class and I felt like smacking myself because I have lots of improvement all around. Plus I thought to myself well Alecia you kicked butt for 30 days straight by eating squeaky clean, doing lots of cardio which you sucked at when you first started and you got to lift some weights 3 times a week! Let me just give you a run down of what Jeff Jowers put us through for 30 days! The nutrition side was 100% squeaky clean Paleo meaning no paleoifying anything, a cardio regimen everyday that was prescribed the night before and then you have a lifting class 3 nights a week. I was only able to attend 2 nights a week because of my work schedule. 

The cardio was intense! I went from barely being able to running a mile when I started to getting up to 3 miles total by the end. Also I learned that sprinting is a great workout and I found an amazing ab circuit I will be using often. Also I did do a total of 500 in the last two weeks and in record time every time I did them. 

Now for the results from my weigh in and measurements!!! 

Weigh in 1/10/2013 @ 6:45pm 

Weight- 138lbs.
Body fat 22.2%
Chest- 37.5 inches
Stomach 31.5 inches
Hips- 39 inches
Right Thigh- 20.5 inches
Right Arm- 10.5 inches

Weigh in 2/7/2013 @ 6:52pm

Weight- 136lbs. 
Body fat- 21.1%
Chest- 35 inches
Stomach-31 inches
Hips- 37.5 inches
Right Thigh- 21 inches
Right Arm- 9.5 inches

So there you go! I will have my before & after pictures soon and will post them up as well. I am pretty happy with these results and after seeing my body change for the better again in 30 days is pretty damn amazing! The inches alone are proof that is working. I really wanted to be under 20% body fat but it will come one day! I will keep going and maybe I will be running the Tough Mudder in October which is a 10k-13k AH! 


  1. Impressive!!! Way 2 Go Dont STOP now....its only been 30 days :)